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Performance Assessment

For many adults who return to playing or singing after a long break, who begin to learn a new instrument from scratch, or for musicians with specific needs, an exam is not always the most appropriate kind of assessment.

The Performance Assessment is an alternative that provides a valuable performing experience and opportunity for musicians of all levels to have their own choice of repertoire assessed by a professional musician, without the pressure normally associated with public performance or exams. There is no pass or fail to worry about and no marks are awarded, just constructive comments on the performance written by the examiner on to the certificate that each candidate receives at the end of the assessment.

2015 changes to availability

Performance Assessment Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

  • Suitable for musicians of all levels and ages
  • Completely free choice of repertoire
  • No scales, sight-reading or aural tests
  • Objective, independent evaluation with no pass or fail

Key assessment information


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